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               About International Business Council of Florida


The International Business Council of Florida is a membership-based, public, not-for-profit association of Florida businesses leaders and organizations engaged in, or in support of international trade. Our mission is to facilitate international trade in state of Florida; to promote and market Florida as a world-class center for global commerce; and, to support other organizations that share these goals.


This mission is accomplished through the retention, expansion and attraction of international commerce, the education of Council members, and through the development of Strategic Alliances with entities who value regional cooperation in the pursuit of this mission.

The International Business Council of Florida Goals

    • Form Ambassador of Commerce throughout our exclusive Ambassador of Commerce Program that proactively promotes all of Florida as an emerging center for international trade. This is accomplished by training local Florida business executives on the public and private international business infrastructure of Florida, then asking them, while traveling for their own business, to make calls on foreign governmental, organizational and business leaders to tell them about Florida and its potential and ask to invite them to visit us, so that the International Business Council of Florida can introduce them to the international business leaders in our community.

    • To promote even more our Internet-based information Exchange Program that functions as a clearinghouse for international business information and a platform for trade activities, using the connections of our several Country Liaisons.

    • To produce and publicize local, state, national and international trade opportunities as well as programs of international trade awareness by producing an Information Exchange Program and acting as a "clearinghouse" for contact information about Florida businesses and organizations that are engaged in international business.

    • To provide a "one stop shop" through a Trade Assistance Program offered by our Council of Advisors to foreign companies that wish to enter the U.S. marketplace or that wish to use Florida as a platform from which to enter Latin American and Caribbean markets.  Also to provide a "one stop shop" for domestic companies that wish to expand into foreign markets.

    • To bring together the various international organizations in Florida by establishing alliances with those institutions that facilitate international commerce through a Strategic Alliance Program.

    • Create Strategic Alliances with local municipalities and their chambers of commerce; county governments and their economic development organizations; the State of Florida and its economic development partner (Enterprise Florida); Bi-national Chambers of Commerce and trade organizations throughout Florida and institutions of higher learning.


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