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The International Business Council of Florida

Join the International Business Council of Florida (founded in 1999, a membership-based, public, not-for-profit association of businesses and o

The International Business Council of Florida is a membership-based, public, not-for-profit association of business and organizations engaged in, or in support of international trade.


 �  Our mission is: To introduce Florida Business Leaders to International Foreign and Domestic Businesses in order to generate profitable business relationship.


 �  Website: Join an E-Commerce Platform where you can market your company�s products and services worldwide or source products and service from global suppliers using our Ambassador of Commerce worldwide connection.

 All International Business Council of Florida members will have their

Names listed in our web site. www.internationalbusinesscouncil.org


 �  International Business Council of Florida Calendar: Use the International Business Council of Florida to promote your business. Announce or learn about international business programs, projects, event and activities.


 �  Seminars & Training: Learn and stay update about issues relevant to international business, financing, shipping and trade.


 �  Marketing: Get additional marketing for your firm by showcasing and displaying your company information at select International Business Council of Florida events.


 �   E-mail communication - Stay abreast of Council and member organization activities, new member listings and profiles, and calendar of events.


 �   E-Leads: Receive qualified business leads from around the world and globally publish business opportunities offered by your company from our Strategic Alliance Partners and ours Country Ambassadors of Commerce leads.


 �  Strategic Alliance Program: Partner with other organizations promoting international business such as: U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Export Assistance Center, Enterprise Florida International, County economic development organizations, The World Trade Center, World Trade Organization, County chambers of commerce, County municipalities, Florida Seaports, Florida International Airports, Bi-National Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Trade Associations, The Consular Corps of Florida, and many others.



The International Business Council of Florida Projects:


International Network Event:   Every second Wednesday of the month, the International Business Council of Florida have an International Network Event hosted by a Country Ambassador of Commerce (please see our web site www.internationalbusinesscouncil.org for up coming events).

The Unity Dinner:   Once a year the International Business Council of Florida coordinates one of the best event in South Florida: �The Unity Dinner�, where all Strategic Alliance Partners presidents and members get together to celebrate the power of the Alliance and increase the international network.

The Import, Export & Service Excellence Award:   Once a year the International Business Council of Florida presents the most important business Award of stat of Florida �The Import, Export & Service Excellence Award�, where we have the opportunities to recognize the best international and local companies in 16 different categories

The Ambassador of Commerce Program:   Became an official Ambassador of Commerce for Florida by completing the requisite training Ambassador of Commerce program.

Orientation/Training � Briefings on the seaports, airports, county governments, economic development entities and private international industries in the area.

Outreach � Make official calls on high-level foreign business executives, associations and organizations, as well as foreign governments and dignitaries to promote Florida as an international business friendly gateway to the United States, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the world.

Business Assistance Program:   Conduct international business to and from Florida. Be part of a business group that provides services, shares clients, develops leads and offers international business research to its clients.

Research:   Take advantage of the research capabilities offered by the Strategic Alliance Partners and the International Business Council of Florida database, to increase your business.

Affinity Products & Services:   Receive substantial discounts on products and services directly related to international business such as: ISO 9000 registration & compliance, certificates of origin, language training, translation services, international investments advisory, etc�

There are much more advantages to join the group of international business leaders in state of Florida that is building a new bridge for a better business future.


The International Business Council of Florida has 6 levels of membership and you can choose the one that fits your needs as follows:

o      Professional/individual Membership, $100.00/year.

o      General Business Membership, $250.00/yr.

o      Trustee IBCF Membership.$1,000.00/yr.

o      Silver IBCF Benefactor $3,000.00/yr.

o      Gold IBCF Benefactor $5,000.00/yr.

o      Platinum IBCF Benefactor $10,000.00/yr.


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